ASIC Annual Review Services

ASIC Annual Review Service:

Whether you are skilled and experienced in accounting, law or a small business owner, your valuable time should be spent focusing on your area of expertise. Our expertise as an ASIC Agents, we can assist the company owners to maintain their ASIC compliance up-to-date by lodging appropriate form to ASIC.


If the ASIC Annual Review fee is not paid within your prescribed period, you must pay a late payment penalty fee of $75 if you are up to one month late. If you are over one month late, this fee increases to $312. In addition, if your company details are not up to date you may be in breach of the Corporations Act 2001.


By appointing our firm to manage the Annual Review process, you ensure the following steps are completed at the time of the company’s review:

  • We will check your Company Statement;
  • We will change your company details within 28 days (if required we will lodge a Form 484);
  • We will make sure you pay your Annual Review Fee within 2 months of review date;
  • We will provide you with a Solvency Resolution.

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